Bangkok Attractions – Places And Activities You Musn’t Miss |

Going to Bangkok for your holidays? Here are 10 must see Bangkok attractions and must do activities in the city of of angels.1. Get on a river taxi and see the beauty of the Chao Praya River.A very different view of Bangkok I’ve got to say. If you’re the adventurer, you can just jump on one at any of its terminals. Just be fast enough as the boats ( water taxis ) hardly stop. Otherwise, book a tour from one of the hotels by the river such as The Royal Orchid Sheraton, Shangri la or The Peninsula.2. Rub elbows with the locals and tourists at the Weekend market, Chatuchak/JatujakIt can get very hot in here but it’s an excellent place to see the wares of Thailand. You might even find a good buy along the way. Thai ( and not so Thai ) goods available from antique furniture to fake jeans.3.See the wonders of the Grand PalaceAll hail the Queen of England, but her Buckingham Palace is nothing compared to this glorious work of art in the middle of Bangkok.4.Have a Thai massage in Wat Po and if you have the time, take the 10-day Thai Massage courseIf you don’t get a Thai massage in Thailand then you haven’t been to Thailand at all. Experience this somewhat bone breaking yet de-stressing technique right from where it originated. Or if that’s a bit too much, go for the foot massage instead.5.Have A Relaxing Spa At The BanyanA relaxing spa retreat right in the middle of the city. You can choose from a 1 hour facial treatment or if you have time to spare, have a 7 hour Banyan package and spoil yourself mad.6.Visit the Floating MarketIt may just be another commercial avenue for tourists to spend their dollars, but if you go to the floating market early in the morning when the “river-folk” are actually buying and selling goods mindless of the tourists, then it’s a very good cultural experience.7.Haggle at the night marketsSure many goods are over-priced but if you know how to haggle and how much you’re willing to pay for what you’re buying, this can be very fun. If you go very early, just when the shops are opening, you might even get the prices real low ( first buyers luck!)8.Shop Till You DropShopping is the Thai’s national past time and wherever you are in Bangkok, you will never run out of shops to explore. You’ll find practically everything in this City Of Angels and at very reasonable prices to boot. For reasonable priced clothes, go to Pratunum Market; for little trinkets, go to Yaowarat in Chinatown; for bargain software, go to Panthip plaza, and for designer clothes, try Central Plaza or The Emporium Shopping Center.9.Try Thai cuisine You’ve had Thai food in your country and I’m sure it’s good; but Thai food cooked in Thailand, is in my opinion, just heavenly! Just be sure to know the words, Mai Pet ( My Pet ). This means not spicy in Thai, but you’ll probably be wondering how hot the spicy dishes are after you’ve bit into your first chilli!10.See An Elephant ShowI know they should be in the wild and all that…but if I were an elephant, this humiliation of dancing in front of amused humans is much better than the alternative which is walking on the hot streets of Bangkok waiting for tourists to buy me a piece of sugar cane for food. And I have to say, this is one show I enjoy. Watch out for the baby elephants! They’re a real treat!

Inside Paris: What to See and Do |

OverviewThe glamorous, vibrant, romantic capital of France, Paris, needs no introduction. Crammed with innumerable sights and fascinating places, restaurants, nightclubs, and all things beautiful, Paris offers everything for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The city is the destination of choice for mostly everyone contemplating a European holiday. Embodying style and charm, Paris brings out the romantic in all its visitors. Sightseers will find their point of interest in attractions such as Louvre, Notre Dame and of course, the most photographed, Eiffel Tower. Every few steps, the visitors will have something to capture in their cameras. The city also caters to the art buffs, food connoisseurs and style buffs. Paris is the centre of a thrilling nightlife and when it comes to shopping, the city offers the one of the best experiences in the world.Paris is also a great city to visit if you are traveling with kids. There are fantastic delights in store such as Disneyland Paris and amusement parks like Parc Asterix which are within easy distance of the city.What to see and do in ParisHere are some activities you can include in your visit to Paris.Visit the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte under the dome of Les Invalides.
Enjoy the magnificent views of the city from the Eiffel Tower.
Browse through the impressive collection in the galleries of the Louvre.
Visit the Pompidou Centre, considered amongst the most popular of all the attractions in the city.
Explore the magnificent palace of Versailles just outside of Paris.
Enjoy a romantic cruise on the River Seine
Stroll through the botanical garden, Jardin des Plantes and appreciate the beautiful plant species
Enjoy an excursion to the palace of Fontainebleau.
Splash with the kids at Aquaboulevard.
Appreciate the art collection in the incomparable Musee d’Orsay.Beyond ParisParis is also the gateway to several other popular tourist destinations in France including Champagne Country, Loire Valley, with its many chateaux and gardens, and Normandy.When to visit ParisParis is a year-round destination and no matter when you plan to visit, you will gain memories to last a lifetime. The city is notorious for sudden showers in summer and winter but then you can use this time to explore the wonderful museums and galleries before emerging once again in the sunshine to enjoy a cup of coffee and pastries in any of the scenic pavement cafes. In August the heat can be a bit oppressive.Where to stay in ParisBecause it is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe, and indeed in the world, Paris offers an accommodation option for all its visitors from luxury France villas to those who wish to splurge to budget hotels and B&Bs for those on a budget.