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As an online Thailand hotel accommodation booking agent & travel advisor, we are often asked the question by travelers how they would spend their days once they have soaked enough sun on a crystal white beach. It is only an island after all; it is only so big, are we not going to pay for 14 days accommodation to get bored by day 5?The short answer is, there is probably not enough days in most vacations to see and do all an island like Koh Samui has to offer. We will discuss attractions and activities of various islands and other popular Thailand tourist destinations in later articles, but let’s take the boutique island of Thailand first.Koh Samui is a treasure trove of holiday fun in the sun activities and being located in the Gulf of Thailand, the seasonal change in weather patterns are not so intense that long rainy days would spoil your fun.Many hotels & resorts offer their own in-house Koh Samui tours & excursions and similarly there are several tour operators on the island. To make sure you book Koh Samui tours relevant to your interest, it would be best to allow the team at The Best Hotels in Thailand to arrange one or more of our hand picked guided tours for you in advance.Organize a day trip to the Ang Thong National Marine Park and experience its mystical beauty. While your boat is parked on an emerald lagoon between scattered, uninhabited islands, you can swim with colour tropical fish and view the astounding beauty of the coral reefs.Rent a jeep and view the mummified monk just outside Lamai. Phra Khru Samathakittikhun, ex Abbot of Wat Kunaram died more than 35 years ago, but his body never decomposed.Visit one of several waterfalls. In the case of Na Muang Waterfall 2, you may want to ride an elephant to the top before cooling off in the crystal clear water.Sign up for a professional Padi registered diving course and be thrilled by a tropical underwater wonder world. Thailand has a reputation of being the most affordable where it comes to scuba training.Go elephant trekking and experience untouched verdant forests or arrange a 4×4 jungle safari.And while you at it, get the adrenalin pumping with cable tree top canopy rides and get a view of the jungle from up high or go bungee jumping.For those who wan to improve their handicap, Koh Samui offers a world class 18 hole golf course at the Santiburi Country Club located just above Maenam Beach.The list go’s on of course. Boat trips around the island, aquarium and tiger shows, echo adventure tours and big game fishing, Samui offers something for everyone.Then of course, when all the activity has taken it from you, indulge in blissful pampering massages. Koh Samui hotels is renowned for it’s spas and massage therapies, so make a point of spoiling yourself while you there. Whether at your Koh Samui hotel or on the beach, here you will meet the masters of pamper.No matter your age, anyone can do it. So go on, be a kid again and enjoy days filled with fun and amusement.For expert advise and advance bookings for guided Koh Samui Tours & excursions, contact the best hotels in Thailand team.

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When it comes to tourists attractions in Africa then Nigeria has the bragging rights to be one of the best destinations in the continent. The country is Africa’s 14th largest with an area of around 923,768 square kilometers. Nigeria offers many places of tourists’ interests. There is a wide range of exotic beaches in the country which keep swimmers and water sports admirers busy throughout their Nigerian vacation. The immense areas of pure sceneries in the country allow nature lovers to rejuvenate and adore their time. The local costumes of the region are highly impressive. The cultures of Nigeria are best explained by its delectable cuisines, handicrafts and festivals. The natives are known to be friendly and welcome tourists with their hearts wide open.The country’s urbanity impresses many businessmen and tourists, cities such as Lagos and Abuja have long been drawing tourists for many years. However, the tourism industry of Nigeria still needs to make a lot of improvements. The new administration of the country has been working hard to improve the state’s infrastructure. Many of the foreign as well as local investors have been investing on the tourism industry and according to them the country has a great tourism potential. In the coming years, several issues concerning Nigerian tourism will be solved. Currently, investors have been spending a good amount of cash on the cultural sites of the country where the relics of slave trade are abundant. Many of the Nigerian museums and monuments are being carefully preserved and a lot of money is being spent on the national parks.Nigeria is also a home to an extensive wildlife making it an ultimate destination for safari goers. The current administration has also spent money on the constructions of hiking trails and Jeep tracks in the safari parks of Nigeria. On the other hand, the camping and picnic sites – inside the trail circuit system of the national parks – are also demanded and their developments are under process.Most of the venues will be facilitated by better tourist lodges and reception centers will be built at the country’s natural and physical attractions. The demand for a cable bus system (which can allow tourists to explore the uneven but picturesque terrains) in mountain ranges of Mambilla, Kanyang and Obudu is in the limelight as well. Many hotels and resorts are being established near the natural sights of the country which include springs and waterfalls. Sport fishing and boating facilities are being enhanced in the beach tourism sector and the region will be seeing contemporary amusement parks, shopping zones and other general entertainment facilities. The country lacks the modern infrastructural facilities therefore; the administration is paying heed towards improving it. The only negative thing about Nigeria is the poverty which can be noticed in the rural areas.

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Cardiff is one of the important cities of UK. It is the capital of the Wales and has a reputation of being an industrial town. The city is situated on the southern coast of Wales and has been selected as one of the major sporting venues of 2012 London Olympics.The city has recently undergone a major changeover and there have been significant improvements in its basic infrastructure. The city is fast becoming as a popular tourist destination mainly because of its art and culture.Some of the attractions in Cardiff are:1. Cardiff Castle: This is one of the impressive architectural marvels of Cardiff. This castle was built about 2000 years ago. There are a number of guided tours that are organized by the local castle agencies. The castle has a chapel, banquet hall that has beautiful fireplace, Clock tower and the glass windows that are stained beautifully.2. Millennium Stadium: This is rugby stadium that was built during the World Cup of 1999. The stadium has also organized many music and rock concerts also. The FA cup final used to be hosted here before the Wembley stadium was redeveloped in London. This is amongst the largest stadiums in the world that has a retractable roof. This place is a must visit for any sports lover. There are a number of guided tours also.3. Civic Centre: This centre has been rated as one of the best civic centers in the world. The centre has been made up of expensive marbles and cement that has been manufactured in different parts of the world. The centre has been surrounded by a number of parks and gardens that has beautiful fountains and other facilities. Amongst them is the Alexandra Park that has a War Memorial.4. Bute Park: This is not a single park but it is a collection of many parks that stretch along the centre of the city. The Bute Park has been owned and managed by the Royal Family of Cardiff and you have to pay certain amount of fees to visit it.5. Wales Millennium Centre: This is another excellent example of Modern day architecture. This is mainly a theatre that is known to host several performances of local artists. This place was inaugurated by the queen in 2004 and since then more than 1000 music shows and other performances have been hosted here. You can also enjoy the live performances for free but there is an entry fee for watching performances in the theatre.6. Cardiff Bay: This place is called as Shoppers’ Paradise. The place has a number of shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. There is a small amusement park for the kids also.