Law of Attraction Means Visualizing a Healthy Family Vacation and Holiday |

If you have ever experienced a vacation, whereby one of the members of the family was ill, you will probably know that it spoiled the vacation for the whole family.It is not fun to have plans to spend a day at the amusement park, only to have one family member feeling nauseous or running a fever and having to stay behind.Or worse yet, trying to tough it out and going anyway, only to have to leave early, due to needing to return to bed.What are some of the steps you can take to insure a fun and healthy vacation?There is really only ONE step necessary and that is to visualize everyone being healthy.It has been scientifically proven that what we think about…comes about.(You can do a search on or on the phrase “quantum physics” and you will see the studies that have been done proving that we are all made of energy.)Our energy molecules are influenced by what we think about.Whether we think about what we “Want” or whether we think about what we “Don’t Want” – wherever our focus is…that is what we experience.Very briefly, if we focus on illness (or the yucky “not wanting” of illness), we will have an experience of illness (because of the energetic focus on the yuckiness of it).If we focus on health (and having that), we will experience health.So, do whatever necessary to put out of your mind the ruined vacation(s) of the past, due to illness and think only of how great and fun your vacation will be, as a result of all of the family members being healthy and vibrant, and that is exactly what you will have as an experience.PS Make sure you take lots of film. You’ll need it!